Our Community

Innovations Community Center promotes collaborative relationships between mental health consumers, family members and mental health practitioners. Providers, family members and consumers work together to foster healing through storytelling, artistic expression, healthy living, spiritual practice and social connections. Members of the Innovations Community Center participate in support groups, one-on-one peer coaching, work experience and volunteer opportunities.

Tapestry of Wellness

We understand there is not only one path to wellness.  Knowing this, the Center has created an interwoven approach that involves a collection of “strands.” This allows participants to engage in activities in a safe environment that promote empowerment, growth, and a better sense of self.

STORYTELLING: Learning to trust by listening and sharing dreams, challenges, hopes and goals.

ART EXPRESSION: Visual art, dance, music, theater and writing which allows for non-verbal articulation of feelings.

HEALTHY LIVING: Enhancing the mind and body experience with the natural benefits of gardening, exercise, healthy cooking and eating together.

SPIRITUAL HEALING: Quieting the mind, body and soul through meditation, yoga, Tai Chi and other forms of spirituality.

SOCIAL CONNECTIONS: Building relationships by participating in daily check-ins, support groups, and celebrations.


  •  Most of the activities happen from 9am to 1pm and are free of charge.
  • We are available for one to one meetings with individuals and families.
  • Weekly, there are several groups that meet in the evening.
  • Some of our groups are offered in Spanish.
  • Monthly calendars are available at the Center, on our website and Facebook page.
  • Tours of the Center are offered daily.