For the past two years Innovations Community Center has reached over 620 people. We have provided many services and activities to our participants and community members needing support. Services and activities that fall under one of our five strands have included; crisis intervention, one-on-one peer support, access to resources, art activities, meditation, Tai Chi, fitness classes, cooking demos, nutrition classes, social activities, gardening and many more. 

We are very proud of our participants and staff for creating a welcoming supportive recovery-oriented atmosphere. We are inviting all community members to come in and see what has been developed since we opened in May 2016. With art being a huge part of our recovery, we are having an art exhibit.

For Mental Health Month May 2018 we are highlighting our art program and all the successes from this past year. Our Art Exhibit will include many different mediums and the display created by our art instructor, Napa Valley Arts Council Member artist, Miki Leavey. We will have tribal masks made from palm husks that have been designed by participants with each person’s individual style represented. We have a six-foot cube mosaic on display connected to our Turning Points Storytelling Project. You will also see a montage of black and white acrylic paintings by Peggy Mitchell, photo inspired oil pastel portraits by Ron Reiswig and sculptures by Juan Alvarez. We will also have a disk installation with individual designs created by our participants that represents each persons individuality. There will be more mixed media art displays including acrylic paintings and watercolor. 

This event will take place on Friday May 25th, 2018 from 11:30am to 3:30pm. All charitable donations will be accepted.

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