In 2014, On The Move brought together a group of mental health providers and consumers  to find out two things. 1) The value of collaboration and 2) if this collaboration could lead to recommendations for improved access to services for the community.

After three years of working on multiple projects and all the while blurring the line between mental health consumers and providers, the group was ready to design a Center that reflected all that was learned. In May 2016 Innovations Community Center opened its doors.

Creating a place where everyone feels welcome is at the heart of what we do.

Innovations Community Center is for anyone who:

…wonders if a family member or friend is struggling emotionally.

…would like to talk to someone about feeling worried, anxious or depressed.

…has a mental health diagnosis and wants to be part of a caring environment.

…works in the mental health field and would like to find new ways to help individuals with recovery.

…would like to find a supportive team of peers and providers that will help them reach their goals.

Innovations Community Center Mission Statement

"We build a safe and caring environment to improve the emotional health and well being of our community. Through inspiring people to take action, fostering hope and mutual support we empower each other to take control of our lives, becoming self reliant and embracing the journey."